The government of Indonesia is in their one hundred one percent on taking actions for the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred last Friday, September 28. The island of Sulawesi, the province capital of Palu got hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake leading to a three meter high tsunami wave. This natural disaster has taken the lives of at least 832 people.

A video was uploaded by a Facebook user on what really happened during the day the earthquake and tsunami had devastated the island. The area was in a complete mess. Houses everywhere falls apart and down to the ground. Families were on the run to saving their lives carrying some of their belongings that all left for them. Some are in panic for they have nowhere safe to go. There was even a mother carrying her baby with her as the house behind her falls to the ground. It is visible that the people in the video were scared for their lives and for their families’.

This video was uploaded on Saturday, September 29. It already has more than 4.8 million views with more than 136 Facebook shares as of writing. People all over the world, shared their sorrows and hopes for the country. It was a heartbreaking video of the reality in Indonesia for everyone around the world.

The president of Indonesia already provided the help the government can provide. He also has called for international help for the country. Neighboring countries do their best and provided whatever they can to help the country of Indonesia and its people. What we can do to help is through prayers. Many hope and pray for the victims of the natural disaster and for their families. The world is in full hopes for the fast recovery of Sulawesi, and that they will be able to bounce back.

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Source: Trendyfeed