There is no better feeling of completeness for a father than to walk his daughter to thealtar on her wedding day.

Earlier this month, an image of a father lying on a stretcher escorting his daughter towards the wedding altar made a powerful impact on the social media. Surely, a lot of people who saw the viral picture immediately cried their hearts out.

However, it seems that more people will be having an emotional meltdown because there’s now additional footage available to watch. So, to those people who patiently waited for it, they can now watch the viral video on Facebook.

The Paradox Films helped weave together the heartfelt tapestry of the father’s eagerness to walk his daughter on her wedding day. The stunningly beautiful masterpiece reminded us that we should love our parents while they are still here.

The beautifully-crafted wedding video showed us the last fleeting moments of the father who goes by the name Papu Pedro. It also showed how the married couple in the wedding video used this important day in their lives to grant the “last wish” of the critically ill father.

“It was really hard for us to witness and cover the ceremony, not a single person in the church were not crying, but as the second song says, we need to carry on. We need to do our best to give the bride and groom and their family a beautiful and memorable video. This is all for Papu. Thank you.”

Watch video:

Source: Tnpmedia.