Nowadays, social media is the most helpful platform to ask for help. There are many unfortunate people who need financial assistance for medical purposes. As we all know, hospital bills can get out of hand and almost impossible to pay. Huge amounts are already hard to pay even with the help of relatives and friends. Just imagine how difficult the situation is for a poor father when his child suffers from a chronic illness. They have nothing but his kid has to go through with costly treatment.

Good thing, concerned netizen Janna Janjan Alagon Racho helped in easing their problems by seeking donations through a Facebook post. She shared the video of another netizen named Yen Dumanig Angalot who captured the tear-jerking situation of the son and father in the provincial hospital of Tagbiliran City.

In the video, you will see the poor child crying out of intense pain. His father embraced him with the hope to somehow lessen the ache his son feels. According to the post, the little boy is Jomel Montes and he suffers from uncontrolled malformed cell growth in his bone marrow. Meanwhile, his father sells coconuts and his earnings are not even enough to feed their family.

Donations poured in for them as soon as the video went viral. A lot of people even dropped by the hospital to personally hand them money. Aside from that, the uploader also received a call from Malacañang offering assistance as well. The father cried out of happiness from all the help they are receiving.

In a new post, Jannaupdated the public regarding the current condition of the child. He has now been transferred to Vicente Sotto Hospital in Cebu to receive proper medical attention.

People online prayed for Jomel’s quick recovery. Here are some of their compassionate messages.

Watch video:

Source: Tnpmedia.