There’s nothing more painful than being away from our family. The longingness we feel every time we feel homesick can definitely bring tears to our eyes. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) usually suffers this kind of heartbreak. Because of their willingness to help and provide for their family, these people decided to work abroad even though it’s a hard decision to make. Many Filipino parents decided to leave their family in order to give them a better life.

Recently, an OFW dad brought tears to the eyes of netizens as he sung a song for his son. His heartwarming performance immediately went viral and has garnered millions of views.

In the uploaded video, the father performed his piece while his son sat on his lap. After a few seconds of preparation, he then started to sing the Tagalog version of the song, “Dance with my father.” He sang every word with full emotions dedicated to his son.

He can’t help but become emotional as the video progresses. The loving father also gave his son a sweet peck on his cheeks while performing. Their simple performance truly showed their love for each other. The little boy also can’t help but smile as he gets touched by his father’s sweet presentation.

Many netizens also expressed their sentiments on the said video. People admitted that they got carried away with the man’s performance and that they were definitely touched. Some of them even stressed how much they miss their parents who happen to be OFWs as well.

That’s why all of us must love and respect OFWs. These people have proven that Filipinos are capable of doing anything for the sake of their families and loved ones.

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Source: Tnpmedia.