Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are considered as modern-day heroes. These hard-working people have to go through unimaginable struggles. Imagine having to leave your loved ones in hopes of giving them a better life. They might receive an abundance of material things and a relatively easy life. However, it’s likely that there are a lot of disadvantages too such as loneliness and homesickness.

The children of OFWs also suffer since they are basically growing up without their other parent. Recently, a Facebook video went viral because a young boy was caught crying as he talked to his father via video chat. Everyone can tell that the kid missed his father and there was nothing that anybody could do about it.

The person taking the video explained that the little boy’s father is working in another country. He then asked the kid to give a message to his dad but all the kid managed to do is cry. The poor young boy can’t seem to utter a word. As the video progressed, the heartbroken boy let all of his tears out.

We can agree that it’s hard to watch children grow up without the physical presence of their parents. Imagine having to only see your father or mother on a phone or computer screen. However, we know that it’s equally difficult for the OFW to bear such a sight.

There’s no greater reason to leave your child behind than wanting to provide for them. Even with sad situations like this, they must be strong enough to remember why they pushed through with this arrangement at the start.

We just hope that someday the kid will grow up and understand the situation his father had to go through for his own good. Their reunion would be bittersweet, but it will also be memorable and treasured. One thing is for sure, the father of the child is one of the modern-day heroes our country has.

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Source: Tnpmedia.