A pet owner’s worst fear is losing his or her furry dog. Pets can serve as a great companion for a long time. They can even become a part of an owner’s family and daily life. Sorry to say that it can be a truly sad story if pets lost their lives forever. It would even be comparable to losing a loved one or a close friend. Being without of a pet often overwhelms or triggers our emotions. A netizen named Merv Tolentino Dumanat shared his heartbreaking story with his dog on Facebook yesterday. His Siberian husky dog named Shadow was diagnosed with blood problems that cost his life to end.

The dog owner posted a video of him weeping as he laid his dog to its final rest. In the video, Merv could not even speak as he cried loudly in front of his beloved pet.

It seemed very difficult for the dog owner to let go as he bid his parting words and last hug to his dog. He put his furry pet in its final resting place in Pet Valley Park and Crematory. Meanwhile, relatives and loved ones also wept and showed their sympathy.

According to Merv, one of the hardest things to do is saying goodbye. He shared he lost his best friend, and travel buddy. Shadow will turn 6 years old this November supposedly.

According to research, the passing of a companion animal is just as heartbreaking as being without a human significant other. Well, it truly is for the story of Merv and Shadow.

Netizens reached their condolences for the bereaved pet owner through the comments section.

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Source: manilaflash.