Proud parents always flood your Facebook timelines and Instagram feeds with photos or posts about their children. Even before their child is born, you’d often see parents celebrating baby showers, gender reveals, and of course, pregnancy announcements. As a parent, there’s a lot to be proud of. But for these parents, what they have been particularly proud of is their son’s ability to speak eleven languages.

In a Facebook post, the boy was able to count from one to ten using not just eleven different languages but also a dialect. This of course, impressed a lot of netizens and therefore made it into another social media viral.

First, the child was able to recite languages that not most are familiar with. These includes, German, Russian, Welsh, and Arabic. Next, he moved into the most universal ones. These are Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.

But of course, as a Filipino boy, the video was not complete if hadn’t recited the numbers in both English and Tagalog. What was even more impressive is that after all of those languages, he was also able to recite them in Visaya. It is one of the most common dialects in the Philippines. After his impressive performance, his mother told him to say thank you. And He did, using many of the languages he knows.

His father, Paolo Eg, the man who posted the video of the boy, was a clear proud parent. According to his caption, he is ready to be featured on shows like “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” or “Rated K.” Through a hashtag, he also included a show called “Little Big Shots” which is made for very talented kids.

This story could be an example of good parenting. A child, as young as the boy, wouldn’t have learned all of those languages without his parents teaching him. Granted that hey only know the numbers and the word “thank you,” it’s still pretty impressive. Besides, he has an entire lifetime to be fluent in all of them.

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Source: Showbizread