Bronislaw ‘Grom’ Karwowski has gone through a lot in his life. He is a known army veteran who chose to serve his nation during his younger years. He was willing to fight for his country no matter what happened. As the world split up in 1945, he did all he could in his power to protect the people of his beloved motherland. This went as far as being captured by the Nazis and miraculously escaping their clutches later on.

All the years of fighting for his country has earned him some of its highest honors such as the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland among all others. It is certainly safe to say that Mr. Karwowski can be proud of a lot of things in his life.

Recently, he was able to add another notable moment in his already long list of accomplishments. This time around, it did not include any form of tactical operations nor risking his life whatsoever. For this feat, the veteran soldier was able to walk his granddaughter, Joanna down the aisle during her wedding. He came in wearing his complete military gear filled with the numerous medals representing his bravery.

Tears could not be stopped by some of the people present in the ceremony. As the two reached the altar, Grom let go of his granddaughter to shake his future grandson-in-law’s hand. The groom thanked the veteran for bringing his bride to him. This whole moment was certainly one of the most beautiful things one could witness. To add to that, the wedding was also a very huge success.

Unfortunately, just two days after Joanna got married, her beloved grandpa joined the hands of the creator. A lot were obviously got miserable upon hearing the news. Numerous people, as well as army related social media accounts from their country paid tribute to the fallen soldier as he started to live his new life with his new General from up above.

We send our greatest condolences to the family that he left. Bronislaw Karwowski was a true hero who not only led, but most importantly served. May he watch over everyone as he enjoys the gift of eternal life.

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Source: UNILAD.