A person who is judgmental is someone who rushes to judgment without reason. Usually, people like this form their opinion or conclusion about someone with just one look. Judgmental people normally find fault with another person, group of people, an idea, or situation. They make assumptions about the whole-being of a person without even getting to know them first.

They always jump to conclusions about other people’s character, motives, beliefs, and behavior. This is what this man did on a viral video on Facebook. On the video, it can be seen how this well-dressed man became judgmental of an old man who seemed less fortunate than him.

The video was only 4 seconds long, but it already showed the point of someone being judgmental. At the start, of the video, a woman who was walking down the street suddenly jumped in surprise. She saw a man wearing formal attire who reacted negatively to an old man was wearing casual and ragged clothes.

Moreover, the well-dressed man dropped his bag and jacket when he thought the old man walking beside him was going to steal from him. He then walked out and went to his mini red car. Everybody then was confused when the old man suddenly started laughing loudly.

Later on, after getting everyone’s attention, the old man then walked near a luxurious yellow car parked behind the judgmental man’s car. Everybody was shocked when the old man went into the expensive car and started the engine. He drove fast, leaving the people who thought he was a beggar in shocked.

A lot of netizens got the point of the video and thought it was a smart move to show everyone how someone who is judgmental can be wrong. However, some people thought the video was scripted and was done as a social experiment. Nevertheless, scripted or not, it still served as a reminder of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

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Source: Trendyfeed.