Ricardo Buensuceso better known by his screen name Jeric Raval is a Filipino action star , well known for his leather jacket leather pants and shiny hair, also known for his starring roles in several 90s action movies.

He portray the “Bad boy” image but always turned out a hero.

He’s also one of the cast on a top rated primetime show in ABSCBN “The Good Son” he played the role of “Dado”.

In a recent episode of “It’s Showtime,” he says that he actually dreamt of becoming a rapper and a comedian.

A simple act of kindness made a lot of people admire Jeric Raval even more. The video show Jeric comfortably sitting on a train’s seat, When he saw that there was a Japanese woman standing, he immediately stood up and offered his seat to her.

The Japanese woman bowed her head multiple times to Jeric as an expression of her gratitude.

We, filipinos is always grateful on being hospitable, that only shows Jeric is a proudly Pinoy. If you’re on Jeric’s situation would you do the same?

Such simple kind of generosity gained praises from people online.

“Pilipino talaga, iba ang ugali. Dito sa Singapore kadalasan magbigay ng upuan Pilipino. Proud to be Filipino,”

“Filipinos really have good character. Here in Singapore, the ones who are giving their seat to another person are Filipinos. I’m proud to be a Filipino.”

“‘Yan ang totoong ugaling Pinoy!”

“Wow, so gentleman naman ni idol. Good job, idol!”

“My idol’s really a gentleman. Good job, idol!

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Source : Ourdailytrends