Alex Gonzaga is promoting her first ever leading role in a romantic film entitled “Nakalimutan Ko Na Nang Kalimutan Ka.” In her Youtube account, she invited the stars, director, and performer who all took part in her upcoming film.

They made an 8-minute vlog of OPM covers led by Keiko Necesario. Keiko is the artist who performed her rendition of “Let Me Be The One” for the film’s OST. Along with Alex and Keiko were Jerald Napoles, Joj Martin, and the man behind the film, Fifth Solomon.

In the video, Keiko performed a few other OPM songs before she sang “Let Me Be The One.” During that time, Alex and the others were singing along every now and then. Alex and Fifth were also playing around with each other.

At one point, Alex jokingly “made a pass” on Fifth which they immediately laughed about. That part of the video was cut and re-uploaded by a netizen that became an instant viral.

Within 24 hours after it was posted, Alex’ video also went trending on Youtube. It’s now the 34th most trending video on Youtube.

“Nakalimutan Ko Na Nang Kalimutan Ka” is a film about a woman who is going through a break-up with her ex-boyfriend played by Vin Abrenica. As seen in the trailer, Alex goes to a ‘doctor’ played by Candy Pangilinan, who offers to replace her heart in order to move on from her failed relationship. The story progresses when Alex and Jerald’s character goes out of town to deal with her heartache.

The film is produced by a new independent production team, Wilbros Films. According to the producers, they chose Alex as their lead due to her consistency when it comes to vlogging and hugots. They believe that a romcom will help put them on the map because it is what the Philippine audience is clamoring for.

“Nakalimutan Ko Na Nang Kalimutan Ka” will premiere on September 19, 2018, in cinemas near you. Just in case, feel free to bring tissues.

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Source: GOLOLY.