It is safe to say that children are certainly amazing. This is due to the fact that they can do some of the most unpredictable things. On the internet, we have seen a lot of younglings do things that we never thought they could at that age. They are truly fast learners who never fail to surprise us whenever they show us the new things that they pick up.

In another viral video posted on social media, we see a perfect example of the claims that were mentioned. For about 50-seconds or so, we witness a baby girl singing her heart out to the Filipino song “Akin Ka Na Lang.” To the surprise of many, she knew all of the words perfectly. She did not mumble nor mispronounce any of the lyrics.

Obviously, at this age, she, much like most children in the world, did not know what the song meant. Despite this, she still amazed a lot of netizens as she sang it with such strong emotions. It was as if the little girl felt every word of the song and physically expressed it with her performance. Her facial expressions and hand gestures all seemed to fit in great for the song as well.

The video instantly went viral as it got around 2,000 reactions, 500 comments and 4,900 shares all in all. The comments section had a lot of netizens praising the baby for her talent and potential at such a young age.

As we know, the Philippines is home to some of the greatest singers in this word. In fact, a lot of them started singing when they just little children as well. Do you think that this baby is the next big thing? Her skill set at this stage in her life surely makes her very promising! We cannot wait for more videos from her. Hopefully, they post some more of them in the future! We surely want to see how she gets better as time goes by.

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Source: showbizread.