More than a week ago, a video of a child went viral on social media. A netizen named Michaela Lopez took a video of a 3-year old child who suffered inhumane injuries. The child who suffered maltreatment pointed at her stepmother, identified as Berna Espina claiming that she caused the maltreatment. Berna, however, claimed that the child had an incident in the comfort room that caused her injuries. “Raffy Tulfo in Action” came to the rescue when the aunt of the child went on air and shared the story of the child.

The biological mother of the child, Marimar, also went to Tulfo seeking for help. Days after the child who was identified as MJ and was sent to CSWD care. According to Marimar, the social workers who took her child does not allow her to come to visit MJ.

Raffy Tulfo called and asked DIR. Lulu Rogado, regarding the matter. According to her, MJ should undergo psychological observation before determining if she is mentally prepared to meet any relative. She also mentioned that since MJ doesn’t know that Marimar is her biological mother, it might trigger the child’s trauma. Raffy Tulfo was able to understand and explain to the mother the situation with her child’s condition.

However, Raffy suggested allowing Marimar to visit the child and observe how the child will react upon seeing her mother. He asked CSWD’s consideration regarding the matter.

Within 24 hours, Raffy Tulfo got a positive response from CSWD and immediately brought Marimar to see her child.

The show featured Marimar giving presents to her child, some of which was given by Tulfo’s show. It also featured their bond as mother and daughter. Marimar kept asking MJ if she knows who she is and MJ answers “mama”.

It was evident that both Marimar and MJ were happy to share their time together. After their bond, Marimar expressed her gratefulness to Raffy Tulfo and the entire show for helping her with her daughter’s case.

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Source: showbizread.