Driving safely should be the number one priority of the person in charged behind the wheel. Lives are always on the line when you start hitting the road. The role of the driver plays a vital role in maintaining road safety. No matter how advanced the car is, in terms of its technological aspects, this won’t save people from getting involved in traffic accidents without the driver’s road discipline and safety awareness.

Most traffic incidents are the result of indiscipline, ignorance of the rules and neglect and disobedience of the drivers. As time passed by, our road traffic rules became stricter. Road traffic safety consists a set of different methods and measures used to promote protection and prevent road users from being seriously injured. Nowadays, stricter traffic enforcement are implemented in an effort to cut the number of road incidents. Implementing a tougher, well-enforced laws tends to have a direct relationship with fewer cases of road injuries and accidents.

Driving should be taken more seriously because live are always at stake. That is why our authorities always remind the drivers on the road to practice discipline, and follow several traffic rules to maintain order and safety. Drivers and also passengers are commonly reminded to always wear their seatbelts while for those who use motorcycles as a means of transportation are mandated to wear helmet for protection. There are various reasons for many road accidents, it could be because of poor road conditions, a mechanical trouble or lack of maintenance of the car or most of the time it is the driver’s fault. The law strictly prohibits people who to drive under the influence of hard beverages as it causes drowsiness and greatly decreases the attention of the driver. Also, over speeding on the road isn’t allowed.

In a viral video uploaded, a bicycle rider is on the road when a motorcycle with two riders took an over take in front of the cyclist. This caused a negative emotion on the part of the cyclist. In order to get back with them, he chased the motorcycle riders then he pulled out some fireworks, lighted it and targeted the motorcycle riders. The video was shot using the dash cam of the bicycle rider.

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Source: Celebmagazine.