KPop has indeed taken the world by storm. From the Wonder Girls’ famous “Nobody” to Psy’s record breaking “Gangnam Style,” we cannot deny the fact that a lot of netizens all over the world know at least one KPop song. As a matter of fact, these songs have gone extremely popular they have been incorporated into the famous challenges YouTubers do online.

One of the rather famous girl groups nowadays is Momoland. After their successful dance craze of “Bboom Bboom,” the Korean girl group is once again taking over the internet with their newest song entitled “Baam.” What makes these songs so popular is the fact that they are accompanied by a specific choreography that most people can dance with.

A lot of people on the internet have taken up this challenge, recording themselves and dancing to the song as they play it in the background. Others have also put their funny spin into this challenge by injecting some humorous aspects into their video.

But perhaps, the most trending videos online of these dance challenges are those clips of young boys being able to dance the whole choreography of the song. And by dance, we mean an all out performance that mimics the whole music video—movements, facial expression, sass and all.

Take for example the video of this young boy who nailed every single step of the dance craze. With his blue collared shirt, and white shorts pulled high up above his waist, he channels the awesome groove of the entire girl group as he performs in front of the camera.

A lot of netizens have taken a liking on this boy, claiming that watching the kid dance has helped alleviate their stress as the video is just full of good vibes. Other netizens even expressed their wishes of having a child as talented as the kid.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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Source: Showbizread.