Music is the world’s universal language. Despite its different forms, it can certainly unite the whole world in a very unique and unexplainable way. We simply cannot imagine our life without it. Through the years it has evolved together with mankind. Nowadays, it is safe to say that it is for everyone, and it can be found everywhere. A great example of this is seen in a young child from the Philippines with a “special” kind of drum set.

As we know, drums are some of the most expensive musical instruments in the world. Unlike most instruments, drums come in sets, meaning you have to buy more parts. To add to that, it is also really challenging to find the perfect pieces to create the perfect sound for the artist. Some really invest a lot to buy quality equipment just to attain this.

Sadly, not everyone can afford a drum set. On the other hand, we firmly believe in the saying “when there’s a will there’s a way,” and this child certainly showed this to us. In a viral video that he was featured in, thousands of people saw this little drummer boy rocking out to the Rock ‘n Roll classic “Sweet Child O Mine.”

As we know, the song has already been covered by a lot of people throughout the years. That’s just how great it is. That’s also how common it is. The defining factor of this cover though, is that the boy’s drum set is actually made out of every day household materials! To add to that, we admit that the child was truly skilled as he played the song almost perfectly. There is no doubt that he will only get better as time goes by.

Hopefully he gets the attention those big names in the music industry. This type of talent is certainly something you cannot overlook. Imagine what he can do if he was given some real drums! What are you waiting for? Let’s try to get this rockstar in the making noticed!

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Source: Celebmagazine.