Ever since the kpop song “BBoom BBoom” became popular in the Philippines, many people danced along with it. We’ve already heard this wherever we go and we’ve already witnessed a lot of netizens who accepted the “BBoom BBoom challenge”.

It does not matter how old or young you are because everyone already grooved to this track. After all, the song has a catchy tune and it goes with easy steps that’s why anyone can just get on their feet and perform the steps. However, out of all the “BBoom BBoom” dance covers out there, this one really stood out among others.

Netizens gushed over the adorable video of a baby girl who danced to the song. Can you believe that she actually almost got the moves correctly? Anyone who knows the steps could point that she made similar motions from the original.

Surely, this kid has some talent at a very young age. Aside from that, she really enjoyed the dance as she pranced around with her small arms and legs. Cuteness overload!

From the very start, the little girl was full of energy and enthusiasm. Sadly, her energy slowly got drained after she bounced around. In the last few seconds of the song, you could see that the poor baby kept on inhaling deep breaths. Good thing, she stopped before she became more exhausted.

Still, she definitely did a great job on her cute little dance. Her video was just posted on Facebook but it already gained tons of praises and adorable reactions from the netizens.

“BBoom BBoom” is a korean pop song of the girl group Momoland based in Korea. The song was released last January 3, 2018 under MLD Entertainment.

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Source: Pilipinonews.