Airports are one of the busiest places on Earth. People from all possible walks of life come and go in the blink of an eye and one wrong move or delay can immediately affect the whole operation for the day.

The Ninoy Aquino International Airports (NAIA) in the Philippines has been experiencing its own set of issues these past few years. From bad service, to facilities that can be significantly improved, to questionable cases, it seems like NAIA has already experienced it all.

A video of one man in particular showed that he had an extremely unpleasant and problematic welcome back to the Philippines after he noticed that there was something wrong with one of his luggage. He claims that from checking in a 17 kgs bag, it became almost 7 kgs. He claims that the bag even lost its lock.

He immediately called the attention of the authorities demanding that this problem be solved, especially in the midst of all the issues wrapping NAIA at that time.

The video earned thousands of views, reactions, and shares in just a few days after posting. However, the video was actually a repost from 2016.

The whole incident that happened was a mistake on the man’s side because in his excitement to go home, he mistakenly took the wrong bag that looked exactly like his and reported it to the authorities before double checking everything.

Many netizens also pointed out the fact that it was something that happened years ago.

“2016 papo yan… and it turns that the Bag was not belong to him. Nagkamali sya ng dampot ng Bag kasi kamukha ng luggage bag nya. Kaya akala nya Bag nya yan.” one user commented.

“Tapos na Ang kaso na Yan, Nag apologize na c kuya, Kc Mali pala na dampot nya na bagahi, Sa subrang excited na maka uwe, Hindi nya na pansin, iba dinampot na bagahi.” another user said.

However, there were still many netizens who sympathized with the man in the video and shared their thoughts in the comments section. It still cannot be denied that NAIA has been undergoing a few problems these past few months.

“The crew who transfer and inspect luggages should be summoned. They open luggages stealthily and yet not getting fired or looking se their jobs. These filipino workers at the airport are a huge shame carrying the names if other honest and hard working filipinos working abroad. Shame on the Management!!!They are the main culprit.” one netizen said.

“Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit ninanakawan pa ang mga bag ng mga pasahero dito, kaawa awa ang mga OFW! Wala na ngang tanim bala ngayon, buksan bagaheMODUS na naman…” another netizen said.

Have you experienced something like this in the airport? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Source: celebmagazine.