Being in a marriage life doesn’t mean you have to be open in everything you do or have; a tiny privacy is needed in one another even though marriage bind you together to be one, that is what respect means. You respect each other’s privacy especially on your belongings and personal stuff like phone, wallet, bag etc. trusting each other is the best way to have a healthy relationship.

In the video uploaded through social media, a husband walks in the living room, saw her wife’s bag and sneakily went through her personal belongings. He gets his wife’s wallet and saw one paper bill and replaced it with lots of money.

Based on the video, at first the husband looks suspicious and started to look through the bag of his wife and I though he will steal some money from her wife but I was wrong he even replaced it with big amount of paper bills and then he walks out like nothing happened.

I bet his wife will be shocked if she will saw her wallet having a huge amount of money. Possibly the husband only wanted to prank her wife by exchanging her money into several set of paper bills. But if this is true his wife is very lucky to have someone who is very generous to give all of his money to her.

The video uploaded in Facebook got 10 million views. Wow! It really gets the attention of the netizens.

In our culture, usually the husband works for his family and the wife takes care of everything in the house, especially the needs of the family like foods, clothes, bills and everything, that’s why the husband gave the 80% of his salary to her wife to manage the money that will be spend for her family and everything in the house. But now, the culture change and the wife can work also, sometimes in this season the wife works and husband stays at home.

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