A video that shows an event where people are formed in a large circle and on the center is a very sexy dancer who is wearing skimpy, feathery lingerie, and two other men dancing with her went viral on Facebook. One of the two man was more interactive with the lady dancer than the other, and they were dancing in the middle of the crowd in a very inappropriate way. The event seemed like an outdoor party where everyone was cheering and there was loud music playing.

Unexpected by everyone watching and the man himself, his wife surprisingly showed up. The woman seemed to be really mad and upset about what she has seen. She immediately hits her husband repeatedly, eventually going out of the event. Upon the incident, many people from the crows started taking a video of him getting slapped by his wife. They guffawed at what happened, probably because they find it very hilarious to do something that your partner would not like you to be doing and get caught for doing it in front of many people, especially if your partner is very transparent when he/she is mad.

The video was taken and uploaded all the way from Spain. Examining the camera angle that he used, the person who was taking the video seemed to be quite far from the event.

After the video went out on Facebook, lots of netizens had a good laugh at it, but some were not happy about it. There were also many Filipino netizens who had posted their comments on the video. Majority of the people who commented on the post found the incident very funny. Lots of people mentioned their friends and families to watch the video too.

Some of the comments from Filipino netizens were:

“Hahaha. ‘yong napadaan ka lang at nakisayaw at di mo alam andoon si commander… talagang bugbog aabutin mo, hahaha”

“Dumating si commander hahahahaha!”

“Uwi! Ipapabugbog ka ngayon kay berna”

Meanwhile, majority of the comments from Pinoys were tagging their partners, saying that they would do what the wife did in the video (or worse) if they do the same.

Almost everyone who has seen the video seemed to have had a good laugh, thinking that what happened was indeed hilarious since they were not the ones in the situation. However, this video should serve as a lesson that we should always be loyal to our partners and always think and never forget to consider our partners feelings before we do anything.

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Source: trendyfeed.