Children are really prone to accidents because of their reckless nature. They tend to try everything out there because of their curiosity, never minding whether it would be safe or not. One could say that this is a child’s way of having fun. As a result, there is almost always a chance that they would go home crying with wounds, bruises, or even broken bones.

Fortunately, some of their injuries could easily be treated and healed. A wound could just be cleaned and have it applied with a band-aid at the comfort of one’s home. But in some serious cases, one should really seek help from a medical professional.

Our bones is one of the most vital parts of one’s body because it serves as its framework and the one that holds the other body parts. Having an injury that relates to the bone is something very painful and one would not want to experience it at all. Especially cases of fractures and dislocations.

Dislocation of the bones is characterized by having the bones misaligned due to some blunt force applied onto it. This could be easily distinguish because the shape of the body was also deformed. In some more severe cases, the bones popped out of the skin.

Fortunately, there are orthopedist out there with years of experience in fixing and treating bone problems.

With regards to bone deformity caused by dislocation, one might think that the easiest way to treat it is through a surgery. But in some cases, an expert massage could probably be a good alternative too.

Just like what this doctor did to treat a child’s dislocated arm.

The child probably get the injury from an unfortunate accident because his arm is really badly dislocated. His bones were protruding in an awkward angle and it really looked bad and crooked. Just by looking at it, one might say that the child should really be undergoing surgery.

But this orthopedist was able to treat it just by massaging the boy’s arm.

At first, the man determined the parts where the arm is numb. After that, he got some oil and spread it on the boy’s arm.

He readied himself for the massage. He also asked the child to look away, probably to avoid him being scared of the procedure.

With all the right twists and turns, the orthopedist was able to treat the injury and bring the form of the child’s arm back to normal.

The netizens reacted differently with what the man did. Some were really amazed by his skills while others questioned if the man was really a licensed orthopedist and whether what he did was safe or not.

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