There are several Filipino games that kids, and even adults, love to play. Can you name some?

Famous traditional Filipino games are Agawan Base, Bahay-Bahayan, Bati-Cobra, Chinese Garter, Ten-Twenty, Juego de Anillo, Langit at Lupa, Lawin at Sisiw (“Hawk and Chicken”), Luksong-Tinik, Piko, Patintero, Tagu-taguan, Palosebo, and many more!

Not enumerated here is the oh so famous Luksong Baka, a variation of Luksong Tinik, where one will bend down to form a cattle stance and the other to jump across the former. What makes this game challenging is that as the game progresses, the player who bends down will stand bit by bit. The player that jumps off the highest will win.

The game becomes interesting and fun when the crouching player tricks the jumper by abruptly standing once the jumper is on his way to get past round. Sure it can be hurtful for the two, but it’s absolutely a laugh out loud situation!

Some players of Luksong Baka is now famous in Facebook as they posted a video of their rounds. You will see from the video that their chosen location for the game will make it more interesting, or should I say, “back breaking.” They were in the middle of a paddy soil, some parts are deep. The first round in the video went smooth. But it was a bit unlikely for the second player in the next round. The next croucher, in the queue of the jumper’s run, prepared. Then at the jump, with the jumper touching his back, bent down. Next thing you’ll see is the jumper’s upper body stuck in the mud! The video became more interesting as the fall was accompanied with Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” soundtrack. The even funnier part is that when the cause of the fall pulled him out of being stuck, he immediately ran away. Looking annoyed, the guy who fell off threw his arms in the air, seemed like he was about to punch the other guy.

Netizens really had a big laugh on the two. Some left comments. Marce Jean said “Wahahahaha galing ,,taba ng utak nyo dyan pa kayo naglaro, tawa ko isang sako” and a couple of people left plenty of HAHAHAHA comments, Haha reactions, and some even tagged their friends! Now, the video has 2.2k reactions in just two weeks.

Ever played a traditional game with a twist?

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Source: Celebmagazine