There is no single term to describe how it feels to lose a loved one, especially if it is your parents whom you lost at such an early age.

All you can do is pray for them, mourn their death, and honor them up to the last before they will be sent to final rest. But what if you were stripped down your rights to grieve over the death of your father, simply because you are part of the second family?

This is the ordeal faced by Richelle Salas and her daughters who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to talk to her live-in partner’s legal family and plead them to at least give them a chance to mourn and honor their father for the last time.

According to Richelle, she has been in a relationship with SPO4 Erwin Macaraeg for almost 18 years and they were with Erwin when he died. Unfortunately, during SPO4’s funeral, the legal family did not allow Richelle and her kids to be present.

When the program contacted Kim Macaraeg – SPO4 Erwin’s eldest daughter with legal wife, she said that they already had an agreement to have a burial in Manila for two days so Richelle and her kids could also mourn for the deceased before they conduct the final burial in their residence in Laguna.

She explained that her father’s second family is not an open book to the public and they are just avoiding further rumors and scandal before he was laid to rest.

But Richelle said that during the first day of burial, all the rest of the first family were also there and every time other people will visit the funeral, all three of them will be sent to the basement to hide to avoid embarrassment and let other people know that SPO4 Erwin has a second family.

Tulfo then suggested to just let the second family attend the final burial, but Kim is still reluctant since the second family might create a scene just like what they did during the first day wherein they are crying loudly and even shouting “I love you, Sweetheart” in front of all the other relatives and friends.

Kim also said that she does not want to cause further trouble since her mother is also sick and the second family’s presence at the burial may just give her a heavy feeling.

Tulfo then suggested to just let the two kids minus Richelle join them during the funeral and offered to assist them since they also have the right to see their father.

“Ate Kim, pwede po bang kahit huling sandal na lang po, kahit makita nalang po namin si Papa,” one of the daughter emotionally pleads.

But the legal child said that she will consult her mother and other family members first, before coming up with a decision.

Watch the heartbreaking story below: