People always do crazy things when they are drunk. Some people who are shy in person could become rowdy after a few drinks while the others who are loud in real life could become completely mum when the liquor start take them over. Just take a look at these certified drunk men in this viral video.

A netizen named Val Mamalias uploaded the hilarious footage on Facebook. It showed his drunk friends doing some crazy stuff during a birthday party. They were dancing and partying in the middle of the street like there was no tomorrow.

As seen in the short clip, there were three men who seem like they have completely lost their respective sane minds. While there was music playing in the background, you can immediately notice the first man wearing a gray polo-shirt was busting out his hidden dance moves.

Meanwhile, the shirtless man on the side of the road seemed like he was stripteasing to the cameraman of the viral video. He kept on flexing his muscles and he even looked straight at the camera as if he was filming his own music video.

However, as soon as the third man joined the fun, the situation became more chaotic and funnier. He challenged the first guy for a dance showdown. The two then showed off their own winning dance moves. They kept on dancing until the other man unexpectedly slipped on the floor.

Although the viral video was nonsensical, it appears that all of them really had fun.

Here are some comments from the netizens:

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