A desperate husband seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about his wife whom he discovered having an affair with another man.

According to Bernany Perdiz, his wide Annalyn has been an Overseas Filipino Worker in Dammam, Saudi Arabia for the past two years. Annalyn recently told him that she will extend her contract abroad for another two years.

However, just last month, Annalyn’s fellow-OFW told him that Annalyn already went back to the Philippines last June and is actually living with her lover Darwin Dumaque.

When Bernany learned about this infidelity, he immediately contacted Annalyn who admitted her mistakes and said that she is proud of her decision, on top of that, she also sent Bernany some explicit photos of her and her lover.

Bernany demanded to see Annalyn so they could discuss about their relationship and family since they have three kids, but Annalyn refused out of fear that he will put her in the hot seat at the barangay office.

When the program contacted Annalyn, she admitted her mistakes and said that she no longer feels anything but anger against Bernany. Annalyn revealed that she actually experienced both physical and mental abuse from Bernany prior to working abroad.

Because of this, Bernany wants to seek legal assistance to sue Annalyn and Darwin for their infidelity, but like a soldier of love, Annalyn said she is willing to face the consequences of her action and even if it means going behind bars.

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Source : Socialdaily