The police have become a touchy subject for most people, especially after the situations some members of the force were involved in in the past years.

But despite all the controversies surrounding these situations, a couple braved all possible criticisms and turned it into their favor – making their wedding proposal one to remember.

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A video recently went viral showing how a soon-to-be groom proposed to the love of his life in the most interesting way: by pretending that he was being taken away by the police.

In the video, the soon-to-be bride was in a panic when the police came and took away her boyfriend without any papers.

She immediately demanded for proof proving that this was real. But before her boyfriend was brought to the car, he was forced to kneel on the ground and the panicked girlfriend was given a piece of paper. But instead of a legal document, the paper only said, “will you marry me?”

The soon-to-be bride was shocked and immediately saw that her boyfriend was smiling while kneeling on the ground. After everyone calmed down a bit, the boyfriend was able to present the beautiful diamond ring to her and she finally answered with a resounding yes. Their friends and all the onlookers cheered in relief and happiness for the couple.

The video was posted by a Filipino tabloid on their Facebook page which immediately went viral.

Along with the video, the following caption accompanied the post: “PANOORIN: Ikinagulat ng isang babae ang sumunod na pangyayari matapos sapilitang arestuhin ng mga pulis ang kanyang kasintahan sa Sampaloc, Manila!”

The video resulted in a lot of mixed emotions and many netizens reacted and shared their thoughts after watching the unique proposal.

Some found the proposal funny and one of a kind.

“uminit ang ulo ko sa umpisa lalo n nung pinaluhod na hahaha haisstt anyways congrats po sa inyo… pero d mawawala ang positive at negative opinion about this pero be happy lang . Godbless” one netizen said.

However, the video also earned some criticism which led to some Facebook users to defend the friends of the couple.

“Wag na pong gawing malaking issue…magkakabatch at magkakaibigan po ang mga ito hindi po nagpagamit ang pulis bagkus pinatunayan nito ang level ng emosyon at sentimentalidad…sa mga kritiko na naman na puro kamalian ang nakikita sa paligid’ civilian in character po ang mga pulis wala pong pinag kaiba ito sa dancing and singing police in uniform para po maabot ang masa…” one user said.

“Yes, contrary to other’s belief, we still have friends who are cops who does things alike and still think of the general welfare of the mass. They, who still fight for integrity and protect the community. It is high time, our officers be known again assuch. Let us not wrong ALL officers just because others or a number are unruly and have had misjudgments.

Our police will stay, and as a community we can help them by uplifting their morale and also appreciating the ones who does the work right. Anyone can do this, even you. At this point in time, we need no one but each other to help and be helped.” another user said.

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Source : Celebmagazine