Police officers should be respectable law enforcers who not only enforce the law but actually follow it. There is a saying that before you become a great leader, you must first become a great follower. Which makes sense because how can one educate other people without proper knowledge? And although being a police officer is a noble profession, some of them use their positions to do wrong. PO1 Jeffrey Amador is an example of a police officer who enforces the law but doesn’t follow it.

Amador was detained by the Philippine National Police (PNP) after his 22-year old wife, Michelle Amador, reported him for marital mistreat and his involvement with illegal substances.

A buy-bust operation was conducted by a police officer in Barangay Central Signal, Taguig City. According to PNP chief, Director General Oscar Albayalde, they have been watching Amador closely. Apparently, they already had a hunch that he was involved with illegal substances.

However, the authorities only detained him after Michelle reported about Amador’s marital mistreat. Jeffrey Amador’s wife admitted that he was also involved in the illegal trafficking of illegel substances. Authorities were able to recover five sachets of suspected illegal substances and .45 caliber firearm.

Albayde could not help but address Amador for what he had done. As a police officer, it was obvious that Albayde was disappointed and mad that his co-police officer was an evil doer.

Due to Amador’s detainment, the rest of his squad has been required to undergo inverstigation and tests for the use of illegal substances.

The PNP suspects that Jeffrey Amador could be involved with other illegal acts. Therefore, the investigation will continue. Jeffrey Amador is facing charges in violation of Republic Act 9165 and RA 9262.

What a shame for our country. Another supposed noble police officer has been involved in evil doings. However, we must remain faithful and hopeful that most of our police officers will not be like Amador. Let’s hope that they will honor their jobs and help the justice system and keep the peace and order as is their duty.

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Source: celebmagazine