Being impatient combined with short-temper will never be good for anyone of us, if we could not manage and control our own emotions, many things could be at risk including our own lives, our job, and even other people’s lives.

Anger management is expected to any law enforcement officer, but sometimes, officers practices maximum tolerance that endangers the life of regular citizen be it law-abiding or not. Just like this jeepney driver who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about a police officer who physically assaulted him in the middle of traffic.

According to Ronron Fraga, a policeman wearing civilian clothes approached him due to traffic violation while in Tala, Caloocan City. He said that the officer identified as PO1 Gregorio Rollan Jr. immediately shouted at him, and when he tried to explain himself, the officer punched him on the face leading him to have a bruised eye.

When the program contacted Rollan, he explained that he was on civilian at that time and just trying to help since Ronron’s vehicle is obstructing the road. But when he decided to hop back his vehicle, he heard the driver cursing him so he went back and introduced himself as a policeman.

He explained that he felt disrespected and was able to punch the driver due to short-temper caused by his hunger.

Tulfo then lectured the officer that he has no right to meddle in the traffic situation since he is off duty, he should instead look for a traffic enforcer to reprimand Ronron.

“Hindi porket pulis ka, may karapatan ka ng manita sa lahat ng tao sa kalye!” Tulfo said.

Although Tulfo also lectured Ronron for being an irresponsible driver, he still extended help when Ronron said he is willing to file a case against the Rollan.

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Source: Pilipinoscoop