Mother Earth is still a mystery yet to solved by us, its inhabitants. About 95% of the oceans and 99% of the ocean floor remain unexplored, and the land area of rainforests and wild is still beyond what we have uncovered.

Because of the amazing features of our unique planet, us humans cannot stop learning and experiencing everything it has to offer. Various recreational and educational activities are created to match our nature’s grandeur and beauty.

Deep diving, for example, has stemmed out from our desire to explore and discover what lies in the deep, mysterious ocean. Something about its unfathomable depth lures us into it, no matter how risky it might seem.

Deep diving is any dive deeper than 20 meters or 60 feet. As provided by the special authorities on diving, a deep dive allows you to descend to 18 meters and beyond.

On the other hand, deep diving without any equipment or apparatus, such as scuba gear, is referred to as Free Diving. This is done with a single breath drawn before diving, and a form of breath-holding is done until the diver decides to resurface back to the top.

As the video features, the record on free diving was set to an astonishing depth. This is something that has never been than by anyone who has tried deep diving or any diving for that matter.

For the first time ever, a dive deeper than 350 feet was accomplished! This 350-feet deep dive was done with just a single breath before plunging into the depths of the ocean. Imagine, no apparatus or anything, relying only on one single breath, how much training do you think it takes to achieve this feat? This is a world record that no one has ever seen before.

In the video, the entire attempt of the woman was monitored and caught on camera. Apart from this huge record, the composure and courage of the diver were also awe-inspiring. Her whole life was all about training for this amazing moment that stunned the whole world. Discipline and passion went hand in hand so she can reach this world-breaking free diving record.

The comments section were one in expressing their amazement.

“Maaaaan I would have freaked out at 5m>. She’s a brave and strong person.”

“Uncommentable. No words for such great living legend. Hats off…wow!”

“Amazing feat!”

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Source: Celebmagazine