We Filipinos are known for our creativity and jolly personality. It’s no surprise that we were hailed as the third happiest country in the world for these traits. We have been known as happy and resilient people who can still smile amid difficulties. That’s why when we are celebrating a special occasion, there’s no doubt that it will be filled with hilarious memories and lots of laughter. Recently, a funny celebration has gone viral after their group has decided to make a very unusual game.

Their hilarious activity has been uploaded by Jennylyn Bagtas Cabuso on her Facebook and has immediately gone viral. Thousands of netizens found it funny and have planned to recreate the game on their own celebrations.

The unusual game instructed the men players to touch their partners’ body parts when they hear its respective keywords. The word “langit” means to touch the woman’s head, “lupa” for her shoulder, “impyerno” for her breast, and “tubig” for her private part. Upon hearing the game’s direction, everyone immediately burst into laughter. Thankfully, these players were married couples which made them comfortable as they played the game.

At first, the moderator tested the players’ knowledge. They first played a trial round to make sure that everyone understood the instruction. With smiles on their faces, the contenders were first shy to touch their partners especially in front of many people. But a few seconds later, all of them were able to conduct the game’s objective.

The host immediately jumbled the keywords to confuse the players. Their audiences were also thrilled to see who will be eliminated first. While their game progresses, it’s quite obvious that some of them were totally confused on where they should put their hands. Laughs and cheers can be heard in the background of the video as their loved ones cheered for them.

Like them, the video also left the netizens laughing their hearts out. Some of them even tagged their friends and families to try and recreate the fun game. While some expressed how the video has brightened up their day.

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Source: Trendyfeed.