When boredom strikes to Filipinos, expect the fun and exciting games they will play. In fact, people really gather together during fiestas so they could have fun joining any game. It’s the perfect time for neighbors and friends to have a good time. However, we all know that some people have their own definition fun. Things would really get hilarious as soon as they unleashed their naughtiness.

A viral video captured how a fun game just got funnier when the two playing men unexpectedly kissed in the middle of the game. As seen in the video, several pairs joined the seemingly fun game. A card must be passed to their partner while only using the lips.

To make things more thrilling, each pair was made up of two males. Just imagine that without the card in between, the lips of the players would surely meet.

The first couple tried it but helplessly failed. Then, it was the turn of another couple to pass the card. At first, the man successfully placed the card to his partner’s lips. When both of them were about to separate, a hand suddenly appeared and removed the card.

Just like that, the barrier that prevented their lips from touching was quickly gone. The video turned into slow motion and focused on the very unexpected kiss. As if the scene came out from a movie, a romantic song was even playing in the background

As expected, the two guys separated from each other when they finally realized what just happened. Meanwhile, the audience around them laughed and shrieked from what they saw.

On the other hand, people online also found the epic turnout of events truly hilarious.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Source : Tnpmedia