Some people are called differently abled because they lack some things that most of us have. However, despite the shortage of some body parts, they are able to cope and adapt to their surroundings and show us that they are not incomplete, just people who do things creatively and differently. Just like this amazing Chinese woman in this recent viral video.

This inspiring video starts with a little girl getting dressed, preparing to go somewhere. In front of her, we see her mom sitting on a couch as she picks up the little girl’s cute black and white spotted jacket and puts it on her. What was amazing, however, is how the mom took the jacket with both her feet, lifting her legs from one place to another.

We see immediately from the video that the mom was no ordinary mom. She had a special condition as she doesn’t have arms on both sides, forcing her to live differently by using her legs as a substitute. Moving forward with the video, the mom even helped her kid zip up the jacket, again using her legs, feet, and toes in the process.

The video cuts to the next scene and we see her in the dining room, sitting in front of the table with her legs propped up to the table top. In front of her were a bunch of string beans which she cuts into pieces, again using her legs and toes only.

It is amazing how much she can do even though her body parts are not complete. Apart from being the woman of the house, she also never forgets to take care of herself as we even see her applying makeup and mascara to her eyes in one of the clips in this video compilation.

Clearly, there is no limit to what she can do despite the limitations that was casted upon her by fate. In the series of footages featured in this compilation, we see her doing a lot of different things that range from simply walking toward the fridge, to something as complex as chopping onions with a knife, all of them using just her legs and feet.

In one clip, we even see her threading a needle, something that even people with two arms and hands find hard to do. But this woman is just not your ordinary one. She has learned to adapt to her condition and did not let her be hindered by it. We have nothing but respect.

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Source: Trendyfeed.