We have seen many movies with the help of VFX doing magic on the screen and they have done many wonders and sometimes we couldn’t believe our eyes that our world may appear different but they have hidden secrets. We couldn’t take our eyes off from these pictures who looks so strange as if coming straight out of the movie.

Infinite Loop

We have seen infinity stone in avengers infinity war and now we are seeing infinity loop that looks like a reflection mirror.

It Looks Like Lava

Well it’s not exactly a lava or this place has been affected with volcanic eruption but this car has been washed with some substance that looks like lava.


This looks so surreal and so beautiful, well it may look like a ball but this is a snowball it just got freeze because of the climate.


We never thought superman can play sports this amazingly while floating in air and this guy may not look like that but this picture looks exactly same.

Taking A break

We all worked so hard but we get so little time to ourself to take a break but this starfish is so pumped up that he thought of taking a break for a little while.

Perfect Landing

You have seen how monkeys always imitate humans by reflecting their behaviour but we never thought a wild creature like Eagle will be imitating a human behaviour where he is seen diving into water like human.

When You See God

God has made everything from this universe to earth and moon, sun , humans, animals, birds, nature etc… and this is how he nurtures his designed world.


This image looks like a complete landscape taken from the computer wallpaper but let me tell you it is not virtual image but a real one.

Nature Finds It Way

Trees are always man’s best friend but man always take advantage of this by cutting them off making a shelter for their own but this image is truly amazing where nature found its way into this cruel world.

Alien or Halo?

This sky looks like that aliens have arrived into this earth to with their mother ship but in reality the sky is shining with the sun rays looking like a halo.

Source: Genmice.