It’s no secret that women strives perfection from perfume to nail polish to toenails they know how to pamper themselves and these are the reason that attracts men towards them. It’s not the overall details like high makeup or heavy clothes but tiny details of women that attract men the most like how you smell and what type your lingerie is and all best things you will find in women.


Perfume can not only men attracts towards women but also women feel the same that perfect scent or perfume can attract them towards men. However, there are some who admitted that the perfume shouldn’t be too pungent and if a woman wears too many men won’t like it.

Nail Polish

Nail art is one thing and crazy nail art is another thing and women have the fetish to well-groomed their nails like a professional nail artist. However, there are many men who dislike colorful nails or nail art. Women wearing decent nail paint looks classy and perfect to attract many men.


Women have this crazy fetish of doing makeup like a pro and drawing a dark pencil on their eyebrows that looks more like dramatic. Well, some may like the creativity of makeup but that don’t attract men towards women. So women with beautifully-done eyebrows should pay attention to this that men get attracted to these kinds of women who have perfect brows and not a dramatic one.


Men like women who wear natural makeup- normal lipstick, eyelashes, mascara, and not smokey makeup and lips of natural color are the only things women should use and they should wear high makeup every day because it breaks their skin and they also look fake.

Perfect Legs

Women have the complexity of their hairy legs so they always waxed their legs so they feel perfect and well groomed and because of this men find it attractive.

Dirty Shoes

Generally, women with dirty shoes are ordinary and men don’t pay attention to that woman who perfume keeps herself groomed her upper body and not her shoes. Men notice this tiny details and that leaves them with not a good impression.

Wrinkled Clothes

Women, usually are in a hurry and because of that, they don’t take a quick look at their clothes. Women who wear wrinkled clothes is a major turn off for men while women who are well groomed attracts a majority of women.

A Beautiful Lingerie

Nothing can make perfect than wearing a perfect lingerie which makes you feel confident. While whereas men think that they feel attracted towards women who wears a beautiful lingerie.


We wanted to know that what men think about women swore on every occasion perfume keeps and their reply was 50/50 where other half said that women who swore are, and they think they are on the same page while other half said that they don’t like women who swear a lot.


Almost 80% of men think that women who smoke are unacceptable and they that women with these keeps habit are not good. However, there is a half percent of men who don’t have any problem with these habits.

Source: Genmice.