Our physical traits reveal a lot about our personalities and the nose is one of the most important physical features we have. So what does the shape of your nose reveal about you?

#1 The Nubian Nose

The Nubian Nose

This nose can be identified by the downward pointing tip while the bridge remains straight and rigid. The tip dips like a branch laden with fruits, humble and down to earth. Modesty and humility, therefore, are the defining traits of the people who possess this nose.

Further, They are also known to be quite curious and expressive. They are keen to learn new things and undergo new experiences for their greatest desire in life is to understand more and to live more. That being said, they are not the ones who would show arrogance at their success but would be gentle and warm in their victories. Highly articulate, they are one of the most genuine people one may come across.

#2 The Greek Nose

The Greek Nose

The most prominent characteristic of this nose is its narrow length and the pointed tip. Its name is derived from ancient Greek sculptures which portrayed noses of this shape. The defining traits of the people who possess this nose are pragmatism and prudence.

They are, further, one of the most loyal people one may have in their lives. Their loyalty, however, has to be earned. People with this nose are extremely good at keeping secrets and would rather die than spill the beans but they themselves need to trust you a lot before they reveal one of their own. This quality, therefore, adds a sense of intrigue to their charming personalities.

#3 The Hook Nose

The Hook Nose

This nose can be identified by its distinct bird’s beak appearance. The nose is shaped in a way that it arches downwards from the base of the nose bone down to the curved tip. The people who possess this nose are defined by their thoughtful nature and opinionated personalities.

People who possess this nose are passionate about their views, opinions, and their ideas. They defend their position with utmost zeal but are open-minded enough to change their views if new information comes up. The other most important trait that they show is their self-sacrificing nature wherein they usually put their own needs behind that of others and they help before they seek help themselves.

#4 The Arched Nose

The Arched Nose

This nose can be identified by the fact that it curves at the nose bridge and is different from the hooknose because of the tip, which is pointed. People who possess this nose are extremely sharp, alert, and ambitious by nature and they have a will stronger than steel.

They are usually the kind of people who are leaders and pioneers in whichever field they are, and they possess the skill to lead by example. They detest disloyalty and punish betrayal but they can be the greatest allies if not threatened. Meant to be leaders, people with this nose are highly efficient, sophisticated, and extremely well-organized in thoughts and in their actions.

#5 The Button Nose

The Button Nose

This is one of the most common shapes of a nose and it can be observed to be short and dainty. The people who possess this nose, however, are anything but common. Despite the short nose, they are usually the tallest personalities (at heart) which one may come across.

They are, further, the kind of people who are spontaneous, determined, and engaged in multiple activities. They are efficient with their time and are extremely adept at planning. They, however, are usually the ones who rely on their instincts and their gut feelings before taking a decision as they have grown to trust it. They, therefore, usually get what they want for they decide based on the choices their heart makes.

#6 The Straight Nose

The Straight Nose

When compared to the other nose shapes, a straight nose is relatively flat with wide nostrils and a well-rounded tip. People who possess this nose have been observed to have a strong grip on their emotions and are in control of their actions through the sheer power of their will.

Further, they are also known to be good at reading emotions which means that they have a high degree of empathy. They are calm, patient, and composed but hate being provoked unnecessarily. Treat them well and they’ll treat you like royalty; treat them bad and the consequences could be dire for you for they are kind, not weak.

#7 The Concave Nose

The Concave Nose

This nose is identified by a visible small arch on the nose bridge. It points outwards as one follows the slope of the nose and usually has a sharp tip. The people who possess this nose err on the sensitive side of life and they are known to be highly compassionate.

They are the kind of people who feel emotions deeply and maybe hurt quite easily but they are also the ones who would never reveal it publicly. Altruism defines the people who possess this nose as they are usually the ones to act when someone’s in need and they are the ones who can bear the greatest of burdens with a smile on their face.

#8 The Crooked Nose

The Crooked Nose

Despite the perception that people with crooked nose are sly and cunning, they are actually one of the most straightforward and simplest people one can meet. The most prominent part of the nose is the bridge and the tip is usually rounded.

People with a crooked nose are incredibly good listeners and they are keen observers of human behavior. They are the ones who would try and understand you rather than judge you on impulse. They are, hence, one of the most genuine people, amazing friends, and incredible partners for the fact that they are cautious and thoughtful before forming an opinion and coming to a conclusion