The size of your pinky finger might end up revealing something big about you. Read on to find out.
What do you think causes the size of our little finger to vary? If it made no difference to our lives, wouldn’t all our little fingers be of the same size? The study of palmistry helps reconsider three very distinctly different personality types depending on the size of the pinky.

You might not be a great believer in palmistry, but the difference in the size of the pinky finger has enormous influence on personality variations.
#1 Type A

If you have a little finger that reaches the first line of your ring finger, you’re a #typeA personality. That would mean you have a personality that is more inclined towards balance. You inherently lean towards order and peace. Yes, you like being organized but it’s not an obsessive-compulsive disorder. You just like having things in its place and avoid chaos. You aren’t that tolerant of things that get on your nerves and prefer to distance yourself from unpleasant experience.

This personality trait dictates that you be composed of your emotions, sexual interests, and intelligence. You don’t take hasty decisions but all your opinions are formed through due consideration

You don’t draw quick judgments but actually attempts to understand things and coming to a conclusion. Not someone who is bothered easily, you have complete confidence in yourself and that innate calm assurance makes you stand out as a person.

#2 Type B

You will belong to Type B if the size of your little finger is just a little short of the first line of your ring finger. This essentially means there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye. You’re emotionally vulnerable and hold the chance of being hurt by those you trust. You’re the kind of person who’d go out of their way to help others and you don’t compromise with trust and friendship.

You love people unconditionally which is a beautiful thing. At the same time, this is also a great weakness because you end up getting hurt when people you trust say or do things you didn’t expect them to.

However, because of the kind of person you are, you have incredible ability to be an empathetic listener. You understand how others feel because you are not afraid to place yourself in their shoes. You know people by being them. This is what makes you so incredible as a person and you’re so deeply valued by those who are close to you. Always remain such a person; the world needs your warmth and kindness.

#3 Type C

You’re a type C person if your little finger reaches just beyond the first line of your ring finger. This essentially implies that you are the person who gives a lot more than you take. Be it your professional or romantic life, you an incredibly giving and generous person. You’re not afraid of hard work, and you’re used to always put in your absolute best.

Another important quality you have is that you know very well how to keep a secret. You have a unique ability to be discreet and tactful. You are not swayed easily by people but you expect to be treated fairly by those you treat well. There is nothing in the world you wouldn’t give someone you love but you want to love and kindness in return too. It’s very easy for you to get the kind of people who value for whom you are- giving, practical and steady; and you’re fiercely loyal to them.

Source : truthinsideofyou