Do you remember the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Buton?

It was top-billed by Hollywood superstar, Brad Pitt. The story revolves around Benjamin who lived quite a unique life. His physical features are reverse of his age. He was born as an old man, and he passed away as a baby. It was fascinating to see that the younger he looks, the older he is.

It made people think about the meaning of life and how our appearance determines the kind of treatment that we get from other people. It also freaked out a lot of people because the visuals are really quite weird. Imagine seeing a baby with the skin and features of an old man. A toddler who looks like an impaled old person, and a child who was aging. It was remarkable and unsettling at the same time.

A video of a baby with odd looks is now going viral online. In the video, you would first see the feet of the baby. The camera was panned upward until you see that he actually has an old face. It was a prank by two friends from a different country.

The two acted like a parent and child. The other coddles while the baby just kept on giggling. Although we didn’t understand what the person was saying. We are able to know through body language what he meant. As he was playing around with the baby and looking for ways to entertain him. The person who plays as the mommy of the child kept on making faces and caressing the baby, while the old baby just kept on laughing and sneering. This is very reminiscent of what a usual baby and mother scenario really looks like.

A lot of netizens can’t help but find the video hilarious. There are a lot of people saying that the baby looks like a baby predator because of its appearance and unproportioned look of the body and the face. There were also some saying that if babies looked like that, they wouldn’t want a baby anymore. Others were very frightened when they saw the face and said that they almost stopped the video.

The video now has garnered more than 1, 600 comments, more than 9 thousand reactions, and forty nine thousand shares.

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Source: Celebmagazine.