We all have the curiosity to see our baby month which says about our personality. Every time we get to known new things about us. We not only look for us but also what our partners baby month says. Few people have the habit of comparing their partner’s qualities with their own month. The description is really surprising.

January Baby

Pretty/handsome, fashionista, get easily bored, selective, not so emotional, takes too much time to heal when hurt, sensitive, Down-to-Earth.

February Baby

This month baby is very Intelligent and smart, changing personality, Attractive and star of the group, Shy and humble, Ability to reach goals, They don’t like to be in pressure they have their own freedom, entertaining and romantic inside but not outside.

March Baby

People who are born in March are really beautiful personality, they are sexy, shy and reserved. Some are secretive but very honest, great kisser, short temper and trustworthy.

The April Baby

People born in April do compromise, loyal, funny, very talkative, Calm and cool, clever and knowledgeable, have the quality to cheer the people around them and make them laugh. Hyper and very secretive too.

May Baby

May born people are very motivational and angry person. They have bright thoughts. They get too attached in love, have a beautiful person physically and mentally. They stick to the point, dreamy and have a good imagination, love traveling and hardworking.

June Baby

June babies have the best personality, you make new friends and do many outgoing, You have a great choice in films, you can become a popular actor/actress yourself.

The July Baby

July people are very Secretive, takes pride in oneself, people of this month are popular in the crowd, Honest and very emotional. They are also a good advisor, get easily hurt, forgiving but never forgets, Sensitive, caring and loving nature.

August Baby

They like to travel and to take risks, kind-hearted and have self-confidence. Has lots of attitudes but they are music lovers, daydreamer easily distracted. August people hate studying, short temper and has a charming personality.

September Baby


September people are very dynamic, attractive and affectionate to oneself. They have a strong mentality and gets too much love attention, brave, adventurous. motivates oneself and others.

October Baby


They are on social media mostly, inner and physical beauty, gets angry often, Treats friends importantly, do not care to control emotions and fearless.

November Baby

November people are very loyal, trustworthy and very passionate. Very secretive, emotional, independent and meet new people easily. Very smart and hold their own.

December Baby

The most good-looking person is December people, loyal and generous too. They take everything as a competition, they are influential and funny. Easily get hurt, kind-hearted and reserved too.

Source: Bloggersarena