Considering how long this planet has been in existence, it’s safe to say that every single home in this world has something of historical significance hiding underneath it.

However, that doesn’t make it any less special when somebody finds something important underneath the soil in their backyard.

On the subject of underground discoveries, take a look inside this nuclear bunker made out of old school buses. This is something you really need to see…

For example, earlier this month, a very extraordinary discovery was made in the very ordinary backyard of an unassuming man from Middlesborough, England.

Chris Scott had been planning a big renovation project in his garden for years, so when he commenced with the work he thought he knew exactly what he wanted his lawn to look like.

However, all of Chris’ plans were thrown out when a builder, who was helping him bring his garden to life, encouraged the homeowner to open up a hatch which was partially submerged under grass.

Chris was initially skeptical of this plan, for he’d always assumed the hatch was nothing more than a drain cover.

“It just looked like a drain cover. The neighbors had mentioned a bunker but I hadn’t thought any more about it,” Chris told The Daily Mail. “I was talking to the builder about it while we were having a cup of tea in the garden and he said, ‘Come on let’s have a look!’.”

And that’s just what they did!

Check out the moment Chris ventured into the bunker, where he found something that transported him back in time…

After they heaved the heavy cover off of the ‘drain’, they discovered that the neighbors had been right all along. The hatch wasn’t just a drain, it led to a whole secret bunker.

Before they could dive straight in and explore, Chris and the builder had to drain the bunker, which was full of water after years of neglect.

Once cleared, they found out just how impressive their discovery was.

Inside was a room big enough to fit 100 people. The bunker had two rooms and was even wired up with electricity.

“We were really shocked by the size of it,” said Chris. “There are a lot of electrics and switches down there and lights on the wall. A big table and lots of silt that could contain anything from back then.”

“It’s a pretty big room and I will probably do something with it,” the 40-year-old father said. “If I run a trench down and put some concrete steps and get some decent it might be worth doing something.”

It is thought that the bunker was built to provide protection for the 100 residents leaving nearby during World War II. The area was under particular threat from the Nazis at the time, due to its importance in producing steel.

Chris also found a sachet of R Collier & Son fresh pasteurized milk. (Although, I’m guessing it’s no longer so fresh.)

Although, some historians have disputed the time period, stating instead that it was built as a precaution as the Cold War intensified in the 1950s.

Regardless of what time it was created, there is no denying that it is a pretty special find, one that Chris will no doubt now take advantage of!

No doubt this story has you thinking about that strange drain in your backyard…

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