Love is indeed a wonderful thing. Everyday of our lives we see examples of different kinds of love. Whether it be the ones we express towards our friends, or the one we see shared by our parents, our world is just full of manifestations of love. But with the many kinds of this emotion that we see, how exactly do we determine what is true love?

In a viral video from a Facebook page called Tambayan ng mga Teambahay OFW, we see how a wife exhibits her unconditional love towards her husband. It was a rather dramatic story, but nevertheless spoke to the heart of the 2.1 million netizens who have seen it.

The story starts with the husband’s infidelity, bringing his other woman in their home and showing off how they fl1rt with each other in front of his wife. The wife keeps quiet about it and tried hard to live with that fact. She still continued being a good house wife, doing chores, cooking, washing clothes, and a lot more.

Until one day, the other woman treated her badly as she was washing the clothes. Not having any of it anymore, the wife splashed all the water in her basin to the mistress. This caused a commotion among the three of them (her husband included) and results to her being casted out of the house.

She finds a place to stay at, and ends up opening a new restaurant by the streets. A few more months into the story, a friend tells the wife that the husband was tricked by the other woman as she was only after his money. The husband has fallen into a str0ke and couldn’t move half his body.

When the wife learned this, she immediately went back to their house and nursed his husband until he felt better. It was a struggle for the both of them, especially to the wife, but this was the perfect example of true and pure love—one that pushes people to forgive and not give up on people.

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Source: Trendyfeed.