A mother-of-three, Kayleigh Greer, 35, bought a £150(USD$198) blue cabinet from B&Q in Summer 2016.

Until recently, when Greer was doing a deep clean of her house, she decided to remove the tape along the top of the drawer. She discovered that the blue was actually a layer of protective film she hadn’t peeled off. The cabinet was grey all along.

I knew there was white tape along the top of each draw which I thought was protection and would eventually need pulling off.

I bought the cabinet in mid-2016 and the actual cabinet they had on display was the same blue colour.

‘I asked if they did it in another colour and they said no. I didn’t really want a blue cabinet but I thought it was the closest to our bedroom that I’d seen.

The bedroom is grey and silver so the cabinet actually matches it better now. It’s like we’ve got a brand new piece of furniture and we haven’t spent a penny.

Source : 9gag