A woman with the world’s longest nails lives in Houston (Texas, USA). Her name is Ayanna Williams and the combined length of her fingernails is 18 ft 10.9 in, and she has grown them for roughly 20 years!

This record was added to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2018. Now, the woman has to maintain her status, so she does everything she can to preserve the length of her nails.

First of all, she does as little housework as she can – she avoids washing up and laundry.

According to the record holder, everything takes her much longer due to the size of her nails. And she puts them on a pillow in her sleep. But Ayanna got used to it long ago.

Guess how long does it take to paint almost 19 feet of fingernails? A week and two bottles of nail polish! More precisely, up to 20 hours! At least, Ayanna is a nail technician herself, so she doesn’t have to spend money on nail procedures. It’s interesting that nails on her left hand are longer than on the right.

The previous record was held by an American as well with whopping 23 feet 11 inches until she cut her nails. When Ayanna Williams was asked if she was going to part with them, she responded:

They’re a part of me so they’re here to stay!

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What do you think about this achievement? Would you do it on a dare?

Source : Fabiosa