Women deserve to be pampered. So do your nails! What is the best nail art to pamper them? Spend time to take care of your nails, decorate them with sweet meticulous hand painting samples. Today, we want to introduce some wonderful hand painted nail ideas for you. They’re very beautiful and can make any person satisfy.

Peacock nail art design – This idea for those who are wearing a simple outfit or have a peacock themed event. For this techniques, it is best that only one or two fingers have this peacock feather art. Adding glitter will make your nails more sparkling.

Pretty nail idea with red stylized lotus and gold glitter.

Try this bright neon nail and black sun pattern to change your formal nail style.

I sure that all women will be enchanted with 2 bellow purple floral nail designs.

 Elegant 3D floral French manicure is a smart choice for lady in every situation.

Rainbow oval nail with perfect combination of waves, polka dots and rhinestones.


DIY Nail Art- Wonderfull Nail Designs

DIY Nail Art- Wonderfull Nail Designs By: tartofraiseshttps://bit.ly/2hMFWAn

Posted by 198Nails on Monday, July 16, 2018