“Pagod na pagod na ako” Xander Ford shows what he really feels

Xander Ford, formerly known as Marlou, was the old leader of the viral group “Hasht5.” Xander and the group broke the internet with their own unique ways of getting themselves noticed. Sadly, the leader departed from the group and started his solo career. He was obviously the most popular one among them.

During this solo stint, he got more known because of his major transformation. Just last year, the internet star went through numerous surgeries to change his overall appearance. He certainly made waves as he announced that Marlou no longer existed as he started living as the Xander Ford that everyone knows of at this day.

Xander has not been active in all forms of media lately, despite being once dubbed as “The King Of Social Media.” Somehow, it seems like whole the country just forgot about him. The star has not posted anything lately on social media either. It also seems that even the memes about him have disappeared. This fact just makes everyone curious about what happened to him after all that he has gone through to make a name for himself.

Recently, a video was posted online and it featured the internet sensation himself. This time around though, it was not one of his usual antics. There were no comedic acts, musical performances or motivational speeches. It just showed the star sobbing in front of the camera.

Ang liit ng tingin ko dahil sakanila. Kasi alam mo yun, pagod na ako. Lahat ginawa ko. Pagod na pagod na pagod na pagod na ako.

A little later into the clip, it shows that he is in a room with a certain male friend who started talking for the star. Basically, he ranted about how Xander Ford grew tired of all the hate that he received. He strongly expressed his pity for his friend, who could no longer take all negative comments from thousands of people.

Some netizens have mixed reactions about the video.

At the end of the video, Xander spoke up saying

“Ang tingin nila sa atin, walang kuwentang tao.”

Love him or hate him, it is really unfortunate and sad to see any person being a victim of any form of bullying. Hopefully, in the future, he does not go through any more of these things that he is currently suffering from. Let us all make a stand to end all these forms of bullying and mistreatment.

Source : showbizread