Recently, a group of young boy scouts from Casoon Elementary in the Philippines have taken the World Wide Web because of their amazing performance of a fancy drill. As of the moment, the video has garnered 2.7 million views and have managed to elicit thousands of reactions and shares from other netizens all over the world.

A fancy drill is a performance that exhibits how disciplined and united a group of boy scouts are. It originally came from the Royal Thai Naval Academy and was turned into a sport that teaches young boys about many virtues and values in life.

Performing a fancy drill requires a tremendous amount of patience, effort, time, discipline, and precision as it demands full cooperation of a team. In such a drill, a group of 10 or more boys are expected to perform several movements and commands given by an officer, and they have to do so while making it look like they are moving as one.

The fancy drill exhibited by the Casoon Elementary School boy scouts, were not an easy feat to achieve. The level of intricacies and detail involved in their drill was quite hard to successfully showcase. This is probably why a lot of netizens have been sharing their love and amazement about this group of boys.

Apart from the rhythm of a drum, and a commanding officer that prompts them to exhibit specific moves, there is also music playing in the background. This adds to the flavor of the whole performance, making it a visual feast for the audience to enjoy.

The video was originally posted to Facebook by a netizen named Shirley Jean Villamor Sugano. The boys performed this fancy drill as part of the 9th Municipal-wide Camporal Monkayo Central ES Grounds as a preparation for the 12th Provincial Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

The sad fact, however, is that out of the 35 young boys performing perfectly in this drill, only 15 of them are able to proceed to the Provincial Jamboree because of limitations in the area of finances. This is why these kids are showcasing this amazing feat in an attempt to let the government see how dedicated they are in this chosen field.

Hopefully, the government officials also see these kids’ dedication and decide to finance all of them to join the Provincial Jamboree.

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Source : Trendyfeed