This young medical student chose to miss the train home just to save the life of an elderly man!

Have you encountered a stranger in a public place that badly needs help? How did you respond? Did you stop what you are doing or chose to help even if that means missing something? Doing an act of kindness has no specific age nor gender. It is should be out of willingness and not of obligation. It’s not something we do and expect something in return. Our intention in helping others should be as pure as crystal and be prompted by love. Just like the story of this young medical student who showed kindness to an old stranger while waiting for the train.

A young medical student at Jinzhou Medical University in China named Ding Hui was waiting at another section of Jinzhou South Railway Station when she heard over the PA system that an old man collapsed at the train station and in need of immediate medical attention.

Hui stepped onto the scene and ran towards the old man who collapsed while other commuters called the emergency services.

While others were standing behind the man, the young medical student attended the 81-year-old man lying on the floor. Hui immediately performed CPR and it took 10 minutes for Hui to revive the old man. Though that means Hui misses the train home, her action saved the life of the elderly man. After she was sure that the man was in good condition, Hui went back to waiting for the next train.

The family of the old man was thankful for the action of the young medical student. They tried to give her 2,000 yuan as a reward but he refused to accept it.

“It is our duty as medical staff to rescue those who are in danger,” she said to the reporters.

The old man’s son revealed:

“If it weren’t for her, my dad would’ve been gone… She wouldn’t accept the money and wouldn’t leave her name. We only found her again when the video was posted online.”

So because she didn’t receive the reward, the elderly man’s family wrote a letter of commendation for Hui that they addressed to Jinzhou Medical University as their way of saying thank you for the heroic deed of one of their students.

Kudos to this young lady! We hope that we would see young men and women like her!

Watch the video below:

Source : Readersportaltoday