Our house has a lot of furniture that we don’t know how to arrange properly. Sometimes our house becomes messy. This is annoying. Therefore, knowing how to organize household appliances is especially important. You don’t need to find them hard anymore. We offer you the 20 most convenient ways to arrange furniture. Apply now so your home is neat and tidy.

1. Install a dish rack over your sink. This will help you avoid a constant mess with water dripping from wet plates.

2. Store your knives wisely — this drawer, for example, has a sliding upper part that reveals another small storage area.

3. Organize a separate area for fruits & veggies.

4. Make a “creative cart” for your kids with all their favorite art & craft supplies.

5. Organize a creative corner to keep your own materials in one place.

6. Hang a bag hook in your hall for each family member.

7. Organize a place for small things that always create a mess.

8. Organize a separate drawer for baking sheets and cutting boards (or just get a divider).

9. Use the space under the sink to the fullest, and buy some containers and racks to keep it neat.

10. Use a Lazy Susan to comfortably store spices & oils.

12. Get a large shoe rack.

13. Store the shoes you don’t use right now in transparent containers, to easily find the right pair when you need it.

14. Use hangers to store open chip and cereal bags.

15. Get some hooks to organize your jeans.

16. Use a pegboard to free your desk from stationery supplies.

17. Organize your sunglasses using a wire hanger for easier access to a desired pair.

18. Install a key & mail holder in the hall.

19. Get a handy pot & pan rack in order to save space and have easier access to each item.

20. Create a lonely sock board, so that you know where to look when you find the match.

Feeling that these ways are good for your home? How often do you arrange your home? Please share with us to make our life easier. Housewives will thank you very much.