In life we would have a lot of stress. Excessive stress will directly affect our health and our lives. You will probably find ways to eliminate this problem

So today we will send you an ancient Japanese method. It will help you relax, reduce stress in just 5 minutes. It is easy to use and can be done anytime, anywhere

The thing to note when using this method is that each of your fingers represents a different sensation on the body

Here is the method

To harmonize the life energy in the body, grasp the finger with the opposite hand, wrapping all the fingers and thumb around it. Hold each finger for one to two minutes. You will know it’s working when a pulsating sensation is felt.

To calm your mind, apply slight pressure in the center of the palm with the thumb of the opposite hand and hold for at least one minute

Practice this technique every day to stay calm and re-establish the balance within yourself.

Source : Brightside